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We are building a gigantic photovoltaic power plant in Pomerania!

We are building a gigantic photovoltaic power plant in Pomerania! Thanks to our cooperation with the German concern Goldbeck Solar, we will build our own photovoltaic farms. The first investment project is going to be the largest PV complex in all of Central and Eastern Europe. The photovoltaic farm will be built in a small […]


The Wrocław Stadium will be supplied with green energy from Respect Energy!

From the beginning of 2021, the Wrocław Stadium will be fully powered by green energy supplied by Respect Energy S.A. We are glad that sports facilities see the need to switch to renewable energy. Sebastian Jabłoński, President of Respect Energy S.A., stresses how important it is for large facilities to use energy responsibly: We want sports […]


We have been distinguished by the European Business Institute!

The value of our company in September this year was estimated at PLN 670 million, for which we were awarded the Brilliant of the Polish Economy 2020. The export rate for 2019 in turn guaranteed us the Worldwide Company 2020 award. The jury of the competition organized by the European Business Institute also drew attention […]


BNP Paribas Bank has opted for our energy

BNP Paribas Bank signed a contract with Respect Energy, under which 100% of electricity purchased directly by the Bank will come from hydropower plants. As a result, BNP Paribas will significantly contribute to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere and will also reduce the emission of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and particulate […]