Liść Liść
Our mission:

We care about natural resources,
and together we can create a future out of this world.
liść liść

We are a Polish company specializing in the trade of electricity.

As the only one in Poland, we acquire and sell only energy from renewable sources. We are guided by respect for nature
and for people. For us, renewable energy is an obvious and the only choice. This makes it possible for us and our clients to act together in the reduction of the carbon footprint. We are one of the largest independent entities on the domestic electricity market cooperating with a group of over 400 power generators in Poland.

We have a license to trade in electricity (OEE/796/23331/W/DRE/2014/ŁG) issued by the President of the Energy Regulatory Office in 2014. Moreover, we are a promoter on the Polish Power Exchange.

We are a company appreciated, among other things, in the areas of energy, innovation and ecology. We also received awards for financial results. Our awards:

  • Innowator Wprost (“Wprost” weekly Innovator) in the “Ecology and Environment” category,
  • Najlepszy Partner w Biznesie 2020 (Best Business Partner 2020) by Home&Market – a special award in the category “Green Energy”,
  • Ambasador Ekologii (Ambassador of Ecology) – an award for Sebastian Jabłoński, granted by the European Business Institute,
  • Brylant Polskiej Gospodarki 2020 (Brilliant of the Polish Economy 2020) – an award granted by the European Business Institute in the 13th edition of the Brilliants of the Polish Economy 2020 Competition,
  • Gepard Biznesu 2020 (Business Cheetah 2020) – an award granted by the European Business Institute in the 15th edition of the Business Cheetah 2020 Competition
  • Światowa Firma Worldwide Company 2020 – an award granted by the European Business Institute in the 8th edition of the Światowa Firma Worldwide Company 2020 Competition.
In 2017, Sebastian Jabłoński, multiple winner of Broker of the Year, became a member of the Management Board of TRMEW Obrót S.A. – a company established by over 100 green energy generators. He has been president since 2019. He is responsible for the dynamic development of the company, but above all for the highest quality of its product – 100% green energy.
He decided to change the current energy sector and use the potential of RES to reduce the carbon footprint. He invested in a relatively small company at the time of investment it now has a turnover of almost PLN 3 billion, employs 150 people and operates in 21 markets. The company has been operating as Respect Energy since September 22, 2020.
Supervisory Board:

Arkadiusz Michał Domińczak

Bogusław Puchowski

Szymon Bliźniak

Management Board