Respect Energy

About Us

If you invest to bring about a world powered by green energy, you should meet Respect Energy Holding – a leading European trader of renewable energy that serves as a one-stop shop for green energy investors in Europe.

Respect Energy Holding brings together independent power producers, accredited and institutional investors holding assets in renewables, or undertaking investments in new green energy production such as wind and solar photovoltaic power plants.

More than 600 institutional and accredited investors have already entrusted Respect Energy Holding with the sale of their electricity production, portfolio management, O&M services, EPC and project development.

If you want to invest in green energy in Europe with the help of a trusted partner – Respect Energy Holding provides tailor-made solutions.

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Our activites

Our business is based on several pillars

The first is the repurchase of energy from renewable generators and its sale to end consumers – small, medium and large enterprises. The energy we offer to our customers comes entirely from renewable sources.

Another area of our activity is energy trading in the international markets, mainly in Europe. Based on advanced analytical models and data obtained from electricity systems, we carry out arbitrage in foreign markets while collecting data from thousands of measurement points.

We are also intensively expanding our own investment portfolio, carrying out projects for the construction and purchase of wind and photovoltaic farms


We believe in ethical business.

As the first Polish company, we have provided our customers exclusively with green energy. We do not compromise on this. We provide energy to everyone who believes that it is worth caring for the environment and reducing our negative impact on the world we live in. We act here and now, using the small steps method.

We work

with a group of more than 600 suppliers of completely green energy

We supply RES products to more than 15,000 business customers, trading in 23 foreign markets.

Changing energy supplier does not involve any additional administrative steps and guarantees our customers long-term price stability. For contracts signed for e.g. 15 years with large companies, we assign generation sources dedicated to a specific customer.

Thanks to the study of atmospheric conditions, the results of analyses, our forecasts over a broad time horizon, we are able to guarantee the price over the entire contract period.


Milestones of the Respect Energy Group

  • 2013

    TRMEW Obrót company is established by the Polish Association for Small Hydropower Development (TRMEW)

  • 2016

    Owners of small hydropower plants and the companies working for them become shareholders of TRMEW Obrót

  • 2017

    Entry of industry investor Right Power Commodities

  • 2018

    Energy Consult becomes a strategic investor

  • 2020

    Joint venture with Goldbeck Solar GmbH for the construction of a photovoltaic farm in Zwartowo

  • 2021

    EBITDA exceeds PLN 100 million

  • 2022

    Green bond issue worth 60 million awarded with the highest, Dark Green category by CICERO Shades of Green

  • 2022

    Acquisition of the wind farm in Wicko

  • 2022

    Joining the Nasdaq's European Commodities market

  • 2022

    Opening of the Zwartowo farm located in the Pomeranian Voivodeship equipped with solar panels of 204 MWp.

  • 2022

    Wind farms with a total capacity of 50 MW located in Jędrzychowice and Zgorzelec have officially become part of Respect Energy portfolio.

  • 2023

    Signing of agreement with EDF on exclusive cooperation in the development of nuclear power projects in Poland


of more than 400 experts

Our team consists of more than 400 experts who work together in solidarity to reduce the carbon footprint. They are experienced professionals, practitioners and, above all, passionate and committed to promoting completely green energy sources.

Their efforts are making a real difference to the health of our planet and the environment as a whole. Certainly, some of the greatest achievements of the entire Respect Energy team include the company’s repurchase of energy from more than 600 producers, sales to more than 15,000 Customers, and reduction of the carbon footprint. It does not stop there! We have set ourselves ambitious targets. We intend to reduce CO2 emissions by 5 million tonnes by 2050.

We are trusted

by more than 15,000 customers

The Respect Energy community is not just a team of the company itself, but a group of 15,000 customers who will contribute to reducing as much as 675,533 tons of carbon dioxide in 2022 alone.

You can trust us! By the decision of the President of the Energy Regulatory Authority, we hold an electricity trading license No. DRE.WOSE.4111.ŁG, dated November 6, 2020. In addition, as of February 10, 2020, we were granted market maker status on the Polish Power Exchange.

Thanks to these instruments, our commitment and the mission we have been consistently carrying out for more than 8 years, the chapters of the most prestigious business competitions have recognized our work.