Liść Liść

We care for natural resources
to co-create a future that’s out of this world.

Working together

Our team consists of 200 experts who combine their efforts in order to reduce the carbon footprint. They’re experienced specialists, professionals, and above all – extremely passionate and committed to promoting entirely ecologically sound energy sources.

The effects of our work

Our experts’ efforts bring measurable changes to the condition of our planet and the natural environment. Some of the greatest achievements of the entire Respect Energy team include the buyback of energy from 609 Producers, sales to 14,000 Customers and reducing the carbon footprint. But that’s not all!

We have set some ambitious goals for 2022. First of all, the construction of the largest photovoltaic power plant in Central and Eastern Europe has already started in Zwartów in Pomerania. This investment project is becoming a reality in cooperation with the German concern Goldbeck Solar and will reduce CO2 emissions by 5 million tons by 2050.

The Respect Energy community is not only made up of the company’s employees, but also includes a group of 14,000 customers who will contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions by as much as 633 420 tons in 2022 alone.

You can trust us! Since 2014, by the decision of the President of the Energy Regulatory Office, we have been awarded license no. OEE/796/23331/W/DRE/2014/ŁGOEE/796/23331/W/DRE/2014/ŁG for electricity trading. In addition, on February 10, 2020, we received the status of a market maker of the Polish Power Exchange. Thanks to these instruments, our commitment and our consistent commitment to our mission for the past 7 years, the juries of some of the most prestigious business competitions have expressed their appreciation of our work. Here are some of our awards!

  • the European Medal Competition- award granted by the European Economic and Social Committee and Business Center Club in the 32nd edition of
  • Innovator of Wprost weekly in the “Ecology and environment” category
  • Best Business Partner 2020
    according to Home&Market – a special award
    in the “Green Energy” category
  • Ambassador of Ecology – an award for
    Sebastian Jabłoński granted by
    the European Business Institute
  • Diamond of the Polish Economy 2020 – an award granted by the
    European Business Institute in the 13th edition
    of the Diamonds of the Polish Economy Competition in 2020
  • Business Cheetah 2020 – an award granted
    by the European Business Institute
    in the 15th edition of the Business Cheetah Competition in 2020
  • Worldwide Company 2020 – an award granted by
    the European Business Institute in the 8th edition
    of the Worldwide Company Competition in 2020.

We operate globally

We are present on 23 markets and are constantly expanding the scale of our business operations. In October of 2020 alone, we entered the French, Swedish, Danish and Finnish markets. In the same season, we also appeared in Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and Hungary. Moreover, we are a member of CE ENDEX, EEX_GAS and NORDPOOL. In the years 2020-2021, we have become a market maker on the Polish Power Exchange.

Our competencies

One of our tasks is arbitration
– energy transmission between 23 markets in Europe.

Our tasks also include retail trading
– buying back green energy from producers
and selling it to the end users.

Another task of ours includes investments
– in green energy sources.

What does this mean for our potential customers?

The entire Respect Energy team makes a real contribution to the process of balancing access to entirely green electricity. In addition, we buy back products from renewable energy sources and sell them to end users. However, we do not limit ourselves to trade exchanges. As a company, we also invest in our own renewable energy sources. An example of this type of business activity is the project of the largest photovoltaic power plant in Central and Eastern Europe, which will be built in cooperation with the Goldbeck Solar team.
We are a company with Polish capital specializing in electricity trading. We are the only company in Poland that obtains and sells energy exclusively from renewable sources. We are guided by respect for nature and people. Renewable energy is the obvious and only right choice for us. We have been present on the market for 7 years. We are one of the largest independent entities on the electricity market in Poland – we cooperate with a group of more than 609 Energy Producers.
Our company was established in 2013 by TRMEW, short for the Society for the Development of Small Hydroelectric Power Plants, which was reflected in its first name – TRMEW Obrót.
Seeing the potential that lies in the development of renewable energy sources, the current owner and president of the company – Sebastian Jabłoński – decided to take charge in 2017. The relatively small company, in which he invested at that time now employs 200 experts and achieved over 2 billion PLN in revenue in 2020.
Management Board:
Board of directors:
Arkadiusz Michał Domińczak
Bogusław Puchowski
Szymon Bliźniak