From the beginning of 2021, the Wrocław Stadium will be fully powered by green energy supplied by Respect Energy S.A. We are glad that sports facilities see the need to switch to renewable energy. Sebastian Jabłoński, President of Respect Energy S.A., stresses how important it is for large facilities to use energy responsibly: We want sports facilities to be powered by energy that does not harm the environment. We want as many sports facilities as possible to see the benefits of supporting the development of renewable energy sources in Poland. Nowadays, green turf is not enough. We strive to make entire stadiums “green”, as their energy consumption is very high.

The president of the company talks about the values that Respect Energy and its employees are guided by: As a company, we strive to support sport in various ways. Our employees form a team that takes part in the Elit Liga soccer league. In our team we promote active leisure activities and a healthy lifestyle. All these actions are based on the values that guide our company. We take care of our planet’s resources so that we can all enjoy clean air and the beauty of the surrounding nature for as long as possible.

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