On July 21, Respect Energy became a supporting member of the Polish Chamber of Energy Storage and Electromobility Association (PIME). The presentation of certificates to new PIME members took place during an industry meeting as part of the V. World Energy Storage and Electromobility Day celebrations.

“The field of energy storage is one of the cornerstones of the future development of the energy sector. The proper use of the technological potential of energy storage will allow solutions to be found for many of the challenges of our industry. Therefore, we are glad that as Respect Energy we can actively participate in the works of PIME from today in order to work out common postulates and shape the future of the energy storage market in Poland” – indicated Sebastian Jabłoński, Chairman of the Board of Respect Energy Holding.

PIME is an organisation supporting and promoting the development of energy storage technologies, whose goal, realised through the combined activity of its members, is to create favourable conditions for investment in energy storage in Poland and the systematic growth of the use of energy storage as an innovative source of energy storage. The Polish Chamber of Energy Storage and Electromobility Association (PIME) is the leading organisation representing the interests of those using energy storage technology and electromobility in Poland. PIME was established to carry out activities supporting energy security, respect for the environment and economic development.

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