Respect Energy at the New Industry 4.0 Conference and Toolex Trade Fair

Respect Energy representatives took an active part in the New Industry 4.0 Conference and the International Trade Fair of Machine Tools, Tools and Processing Technology TOOLEX.

The sequence of events at the International Congress Center – New Industry 4.0, TOOLEX and PRECOP28 – corresponds to the current trends of the Polish economy and Polish companies. On the one hand, we must consistently digitize our economy. On the other hand, these processes must be energy efficient and take place with respect for the environment and the surroundings, stressed Wojciech Kuśpik, president of PTWP Group, during the recently concluded New Industry 4.0 conference and Toolex International Fair.

Representatives of Respect Energy actively participated in the New Industry conference. During the panel “Renewable energy for industry”, Dariusz Bliźniak – member of the board of Respect Energy Holding – pointed out the changing trends in the energy market and the need to adapt to the challenges ahead, while emphasizing the growing role of RES in industry.

The energy market is facing a rapid growth of the number of industrial prosumers in the coming years. More and more companies will use renewable energy for production processes from their own sources, and will invest more extensively in new renewable generation capacity. This approach comprehensively must also be complemented by other elements such as energy storage facilities – stressed Dariusz Bliźniak.

During the other panel, Mateusz Pawełczuk highlighted the role of new solutions developed by Respect Energy for, among other things, capacity management.

Respect Energy’s offer was also presented at the company’s booth during the Toolex International Trade Fair.

The organizer of the New Industry 4.0 Conference and the Toolex International Fair is PTWP Group.

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