Top business representatives gathered in the International Congress Centre during two-day conference to discuss and prepare a common position for the upcoming Climate Summit in Sharm-El-Sheikh in Egypt. Even though opinions are divided, we need to move away from setting increasingly ambitious targets and move towards more decisive action, Sebastian Jabłoński, Chairman of Board at Respect Energy, emphasised at the event.

As partner of the PRECOP27 event, Respect Energy took active part in the series of debates on transformation of the Polish energy sector, with particular emphasis on the changes taking place in the photovoltaic and wind industries.   

As Sebastian Jablonski pointed out during the event, sectoral reforms – at both global and national level – must ultimately increase the generation of energy from renewable sources, thereby reducing dependence on fossil fuels.

Our demands are simple: we need to move away from setting ever more ambitious targets to more decisive action. We also need to build a parallel banking system for financing zero-carbon investments so that RES do not have to compete for funding with conventional investments. We also need to move away from exporting pollution to developing countries.

A major part of the discussions accompanying this year’s PRECOP27 conference was also devoted to planned legislative changes and the state of Poland’s photovoltaic and wind power industry.

A significant progress has been made in the photovoltaic industry in Poland, with 11 gigawatts of PV capacity being installed over the recent years. Unfortunately, the prospects for the coming years are perhaps a little worse. Assuming that sources will be free to sell energy at market prices, there will be a slowdown due to lack of connection capacity.         

When it comes to onshore wind energy, we have known for years that the main problem blocking its development is the 10H Act. Perhaps its introduction in the past was understandable for political reasons, to a certain extent. However, we are in a different geopolitical situation nowadays and we know that Poland and Europe must cut itself off from hydrocarbon imports. We must take care of energy security. Today, any action taken by some MPs blocking onshore wind energy, i.e. opposing the deregulation of the 10H Act, is clearly a pro-Russian action,” pointed out Sebastian Jabłoński during the panel “Offshore and onshore wind farms”.

Additionally, the plans on further development of renewable energy infrastructure were presented by Respect Energy during the event.

The first cable pooling project is realized by Respect Energy by adding 11MW of photovoltaics to the existing 10MW Wicko wind farm. We will also add energy storage facilities – we want to have a fully functional hybrid farm that can serve as a benchmark for the market,’ emphasised Sebastian Jabłoński.

The PRECOP27 conference took place on 18-19 October 2022 in Katowice.

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