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In 2022 our Clients will reduce CO2 emissions by
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Respect Energy
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Respect Energy

We care about natural resources and together we can create a future out of this world.

For us, renewable energy is an obvious and the only choice. We have 8 years of market experience. We are one of the largest independent entities on the electricity market in Poland. We manage electricity from renewable energy sources only, offering our Clients only 100% green energy. We cooperate with a group of 609 power generators in Poland.

We are 100% green

We cooperate with a group of 609 power generators in Poland forming a team that shares a common goal – to fight for a better tomorrow. Thanks to RES we can effectively counteract threats such as carbon footprint and global warming.

As the only electricity seller in Poland, we can boast a 100% green energy mix. Want to know more? Check out our mix!

We employ 200 people, who – together with the Suppliers – generated a net income of as much as PLN 2,790,505,000 in 2019.

We operate
in 23 markets


Respect is at the heart of human existence. Respect for nature as well as for ourselves. Failing this respect, as humanity, we have crossed the barrier of sustainable development. In respect energy we are aware of global pollution problems, so out of respect for nature and out of respect for you, we produce only positive energy! As the only company in Poland, we sell only 100% green electricity, which comes straight from renewable sources. We offer our eco-conscious Clients new quality, attractive conditions of cooperation and innovative solutions. It is high time for changes, also in the electricity supply market. Take the first step and change your power Supplier.

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Where does the green come from? Focus on RES!

We are the only company in the domestic market to sell energy exclusively from renewable sources. However, we do not act alone – we cooperate with more than 450 Suppliers who watch over the quality of our products every day.

How do we operate?

We buy the energy for our Clients exclusively from Suppliers operating in the RES sector. Our services are used not only by large, but also by medium and small enterprises, but you do not need to have a company to invest in green energy! Our Clients also include individuals. Do not worry about technical matters – we provide full service in the delivery process at every stage of cooperation. We also respect your privacy.

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Together we can do more!

Regardless of the business profile, industry, region, we share a common goal: a secure future. In times of climate crisis, caring for our planet and fighting the carbon footprint have become priorities also in the business environment.

Take the first step!

We value mutual respect in business – transparency of activities, and clarity of contract terms. But, above all, we want to foster respect for nature. All this to contribute to a community that effectively reduces the carbon footprint. Our goal? Promotion of RES – we believe that renewable sources are the future of the entire energy sector. Cooperate with us for the climate. Only together can we save our planet!


Build a community with us that cares about future generations, just like e.g. BNP Paribas, or the City of Rzeszów.

By changing your energy Supplier, you can reach a new group of Clients who appreciate fully ecological solutions. Fortunately, there are more and more of such people! You will be the best example of fighting for a better tomorrow. On a dedicated website, we will present how much CO2 has not been released into the atmosphere thanks to your company.


This is the moment!

Do not wait. Power your business with real green energy. Show that your company wants to operate in harmony with nature.