The European Economic Congress in Katowice has been officially inaugurated in the presence of government officials, local community representatives and business leaders.
The most important business event in Central and Eastern Europe provides an opportunity to discuss topics concerning the state and prospects of the energy sector, among others. Respect Energy is the main sponsor of this year’s Congress.         

If we want the Polish economy – and in a broader context, the European economy – to grow, the key element will be to provide even more energy than at present. The success of the energy transition depends on our courageous decisions. In the history of mankind, the technological race has always been won by those countries, which were the first to take courageous steps,” pointed out Sebastian Jabłoński, Chairman of the Board of Respect Energy, during the plenary session inaugurating the debate within the thematic path “Energy and Security”.

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Dariusz Bliźniak, Deputy Chairman, and Łukasz Jankowski, Head of Origination, also spoke during expert discussions on the first day of the event.

The answer to the challenges faced by the energy market should be an energy industry based on several pillars: flexibility of electricity generation based on renewable sources, flexibility of its transmission and flexibility of consumption management, especially by industrial consumers. Since the beginning of its activity, Respect Energy has been working towards increasing the share of renewable energy in the energy transition process”, pointed out Dariusz Bliźniak, Deputy Chairman of Respect Energy, during the panel “A new energy market model?”.

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During the „Renewable energy sources” panel, Respect Energy representative Łukasz Jankowski emphasised the role of growing customers’ awareness in the context of using energy exclusively from renewable sources.

As a company operating in the renewable sector, we are pleased to observe the changing trends. Green energy is becoming an important element not only in business decisions but also in the conscious choices of our customers in areas other than financial.

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During the first day of the European Economic Congress in Katowice, the Green Initiatives Ranking laureates were announced. Zwartowo Solar Farm – the largest solar investment in Central and Eastern Europe – was among five projects awarded during the evening gala. Respect Energy Chairman Sebastian Jabłoński and Goldbeck Solar CEO Joachim Goldbeck attended the event to collect the award on behalf of two companies.

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