The time has come to take stock of this year's conferences on the global challenges of climate change. The highlight of the debate remained – locally and globally – the PRECOP and COP27
conferences. One of the most important provisions of the UN Climate Summit in Sharm-El-Sheikh, Egypt, turned out to be the creation of a 'loss and damage' fund. It is intended to help developing countries cover the costs of climate damage that developed countries are responsible for causing.

The next UN Climate Change Conference (COP28) will take place in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) from 30 November to 12 December 2023. It will also be preceded by a discussion to develop a Polish position – PRECOP28.

Respect Energy's demands for action and decisions – the implementation of which is necessary to work on the climate challenges of today – remain unchanged and valid also in the context of next year’s discussions.

  1. Moving away from setting ever more ambitious targets towards more decisive actions
  2. Creating a parallel financial system to finance zero-carbon investments
  3. Stopping the export of pollution to developing countries

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