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Dear Client!

We will build a green source, and you will take energy from it.
See for yourself how easy it is!


Under a Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (cPPA), we can do more for our planet together.
A 15-year cPPA will make it possible to build a green power plant that will power your business.
What is more, a cPPA also makes it possible to customize your order according to your needs.

What is ensured by a cPPA?

Under a cPPA, a Client is guaranteed the possibility of purchasing energy directly from a generator at a fixed (only inflation-indexed) rate during the agreement term.

You can consider the cPPA as an energy lease – thanks to
which you will avoid high
investment outlays while
the decision itself will
to the pan-European
trend to RES transition.

Is cPPA a good idea for you?


  • you are a large consumer with an energy consumption of at least 30 GWh
  • you are responsible and take decisions with the future of the planet in mind
  • you expect stable price conditions from a supplier
  • you have a high financial rating
The answer is:
cPPA is a perfect form of energy purchase guaranteeing acting in accordance with the needs of the planet.