EWG Taczalin and Respect Energy sign PPA until 2031

EWG Taczalin and Respect Energy sign PPA until 2031 


EWG Taczalin and Respect Energy have signed a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for almost 8 years. As a part of the agreement, EWG Taczalin will deliver 100 GWh per year of green energy produced by the Taczalin wind farm to Respect Energy and its customers.  

“The concluded agreement is one of the largest PPAs in force in Poland. Another PPA in Respect Energy’s portfolio is not only a response to the turbulence on the energy market, but also a guarantee of stable energy flow for our customers for the following years,” said Sebastian Jabłoński, Chairman of Respect Energy Capital Group.   

The agreement between EWG Taczalin and Respect Energy has been signed for almost eight years and will take effect from the beginning of March 2024. Respect Energy will receive 100 GWh of green energy annually for its customers. 

“For the wind farm, the long-term PPA means a high degree of stability in terms of future planning. We are very happy to have been able to work with Respect Energy as a reliable and competent partner who sells the green electricity to end consumers” said Philipp Richter, Managing Director of Uniplan Management, asset manager of the Taczalin wind farm. 

Green energy delivered to Respect Energy and its customers will come from Taczalin wind farm – one of the largest wind farms in Poland with a total capacity of 45.1 MW, located in the Lower Silesia and managed by Uniplan and VSB Energie Odnawialne Polska. The wind farm is equipped with 22 wind turbines and has been in operation since 2013.  

It is a pleasure to continue the PPA journey in Poland with a second consecutive PPA for this wind park. Together with Uniplan, VSB creates a solid and reliable partner for wind farm Taczalin, managing the plant and delivering a stable source of income from a credible off-taker –  Respect Energy” said Hubert Kowalski, President of the Board of VSB Energie Odnawialne Polska sp. z o. o. and EWG Taczalin sp. z o. o.  

According to market intelligence data from Pexapark, whose advisory team supported the transaction, this agreement represents the largest PPA signed with a utility offtaker in Poland this calendar year. Thus far the country has seen 16 corporate or utility PPAs announced in 2023, indicating healthy demand for Polish renewable energy. 

“Long-term PPAs continue to offer Polish sellers and offtakers an attractive hedge in a volatile energy market, and a means of extracting maximum value from the installed wind energy asset base. We’d like to congratulate EWG Taczalin for locking in a stable revenue stream for the years to come,” said Ann Cocquyt, PPA Transactions – Regional Lead CWE, Pexapark.