BNP Paribas Bank signed a contract with Respect Energy, under which 100% of electricity purchased directly by the Bank will come from hydropower plants. As a result, BNP Paribas will significantly contribute to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere and will also reduce the emission of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and particulate matter.

“Respect Energy is the only Polish energy supplier that offers electricity from renewable sources exclusively. We see that our business philosophy is increasingly being enthusiastically received by clients. They want to use clean green energy and contribute to improving the natural environment. We are glad that from now on, such an important financial institution as BNP Paribas Bank joins our group of clients”, said Sebastian Jabłoński, President of the Management Board of Respect Energy.

“For years now, at BNP Paribas Bank we have been paying special attention to environmental protection issues, both in our business activities and within our organization. Our attitude, which is focused on increasing environmental responsibility, is reflected in all our activities. We are pleased that now, as a financial institution, we will also be able to use 100% clean green electricity. I am convinced that a well-planned and implemented low-carbon economy agenda not only brings measurable environmental effects, but also gives new impulses for economic development and is an important part of the social mission. This is the case with us. We wish that, following our example, also other companies would not be afraid to reach for pro-environmental solutions that would benefit not only them, but the entire planet”, comments Kazimierz Łabno, BNP Paribas Management Board Vice-President responsible for the Business Operations and Support Area.

BNP Paribas, as the Bank of Green Changes, supports clients in their transition to a low-carbon economy, limits the negative impact of the operating activity on the natural environment and inspires clients to make right financial decisions. Thanks to the Bank’s financing, over 10,000 households use photovoltaic panels. The Bank also consistently implements the strategy of financing enterprises in Poland, as well as supporting investments that are strategic from the state’s point of view and have a positive social, economic and environmental impact.

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